so what am i doing with the rest of my night? continuing my arrow marathon apparently…

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Vanity Fair, saying it like it is

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dsc meme ↦ [8/8] porn moments

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I think we need it back today.

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Anonymous inquired:

Don't you like the tvd poster??


no i thought it was one of the most ridiculous things i’ve seen all month

i mean like

"all spell breaks loose"


and then okay like look at this


*RANDOM SEXY THIGH INSERTION* is she going to do the cancan? wait she’s in the FRONT? does this mean bonnie is actually going to have a purpose besides being the show’s plot device? O_O *MIND.BLOWN*

and idek wtf to do with this 


like did her legs break or did she lose her stilettos or what

and then there’s this


i mean i hate love triangles, but it’s pretty clear elena really wants alaric i mean look at her arching her back all sexily knowing that he’s behind her

*squints* and who is that?


oh hey what do you know— tyler and jeremy are going to get sidelined again why can’t anyone see that this is the real love couple of the show? like COME ON JULIE PLEC GET WITH THE PROGRAM

idek who this is 


like what is he even doing here— oh, this must be a new love triangle and this guy is going to come in between stelena’s epic luv uh oh you better watch out

and matt’s gonna become a werewolf it’s so obv with the full moon behind him


 i mean it’s not like we’ve waited six seasons for matt to have a purpose or anything

and then finally there’s this


verses this


if it’s not broken don’t fix it

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otp challenge: [1/4] quotes

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TVD season 6 poster 


TVD season 6 poster 

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delena ABC:
↪ Home (5x22)

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"I can’t live without her."

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A day in the afterlife with Kat Graham

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